Cooperation: DELONGHI: 6 months | Germany, 2010
Team: D. Costa - advised by P. Eckart (HfG Offenbach), DeLonghi Marketing and Design teams
My role: Research, UX / ID / UI
Context and solution
In the context of DeLonghi’s ‘Design Academy project’, Passione attends a niche that sees coffee as an enjoyment product. Passione seeks a more ritualistic, involved and at the same time easy way of preparing coffee: giving the user total control on combining coffee, water and milk. After setting it through its analogical interface, the machine ‘drops’ automatically the ingredients one by one in the cup. The rotation is a visual hint about the process. It also has pre-programmed the classic coffee drinks (Cappuccino, Latte, Espresso, etc) accessible through pressing one button. This project was in exposition at the IFA Berlin in 2010 and was chosen to represent the whole program appearing in the cover of all the marketing material. 
Mood board
ID | Exploded view and geometry
Development highlights
Project in Exposition at IFA Berlin 2010
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