• Gaggenau EB 333 •
90cm oven
J. Fey, S. Baacke, D. Costa - GAGGENAU; Germany, 2013, 4 weeks.

My role:
ID / UI, Physical Interface.

Context & contribution
The EB-333 is a classic from Gaggenau and during my internship I could contribute with its redesign, that was released in its 333rd anniversary. It was a project that focused on the details, I made different design proposals for the knobs and grip and the interface positioning. Through models and mock-ups we could evaluate angles and positioning of elements. I learned a lot in this process and I’m very thankful to have had the chance to have my internship at Gaggenau.
• Alpha.Glass •
    laser measuring system​​​​​​​
D. Costa, I. Wolbers - WILDDESIGN for Nokra; Germany, 2017, 2 weeks.

My role: 
ID, Branding

Along the years WILDDESIGN has been helping Nokra Alpha.Glass to build up its product language, and with this product we should give one more step in its consolidation. This new machine measures the curvature and geometry of large  mass produced glass pieces (especially windscreens).
Align the existing product language to the new product.
Strategy & Solution
Our goal was to improve maintenance and mounting process creating a housing system made out of powder-coated metal sheets easy to assemble. At the end of October 2018, Alpha.glass was presented at Glasstec where it achieved a great success.
• NR-32 Unisafe •
finger protector
• Pocket Defi •
Portable defibrilator
• Tea culture •
ethnographic research of tea culture in China (Guangzhou and Xiamen)
• Shufu •
concept premium electric water cattle for the Chinese market
• Panasonic NC-ZKA •
Breakfast set redesign
D. Costa - Zone Design for TROTEC; China, 2013, 1 weeks.

My role:
ID / UI, Brand strategy, Design System

Panasonic approached Midea and ZONE design (a partner design agency) with the request to present many redesign proposals for its iconic breakfast set NC-ZK1.
My solution keeps the iconic silhouette while refreshing and softening the product family with "bezier" curves. 
• Russel Hobbs •
Electric Kettle for the British market
D. Costa - MIDEA; China, 2013 (1 week).

My role: 
UX / ID, Brand strategy.
• Midea Premium Hotpot •
Induction hot pot concept
D. Costa - MIDEA for Russel Hobbs; China, 2014, (1 week).

My role: 
ID, Brand strategy.
• JAM •
award-winning bamboo digital electric guitar
J. Gostkorzewicz, D. Costa, E. Leichner, E. Conceição - MODO  for Bambu Brasileiro; Brazil, 2009, 3 months.

My role: 
ID / Physical UI, 3D Modelling, technical drawings, rendering.

Context & solution
The project requirements for this project were clear: it should put the material in evidence; transmit quality and safety for a public used to the traditional design of classical electric guitars; and in this sense reference the classic Gibson guitar. At the body and neck the bamboo Dendrocalamus giganteous species was used. The scale is composed of blended dark and natural Chinese moso bamboo board, a material that reuses leftovers from the bamboo flooring industry. The chrome plated wares include two hum-bucking pickups with a 3-way switch. A digital audio converter board is installed and connected to the electric system, adding a USB and a mini-stereo plug. Showing that alternative materials are also a suitable solutions for both the musical and digital world.  
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