D. Costa, F. Pott, Koszel - WILDDESIGN for TROTEC; Germany, 2018, 6 weeks.

My role: 
UX / ID / UI, Research, Benchmarking, Brand strategy, prototyping and manufacturing management, 3D Modelling

TROTEC grew a lot in the previous years with an agile online presence expanding to other areas beyond its core competence: machines for climate conditions, air treatment and ventilation, and the corresponding measuring devices. Now the company was expanding to home appliances  and power tools.
How might we communicate its branding concept to more "emotional" product niches?
Strategy & solution
I was responsible for the home appliances sub-brand under our design director. In close contact with the marketing and sales team with performed design and competitors research, creating a complete product language for TROTEC AT HOME. What is TROTEC when the focus is work? What is TROTEC when it gets home? These were the leading question that allowed us to orient and orient the interpretation of the data we have in order to give the next steps. We had two relevant niches we could direct the to – technology and comfort. Opting for the latter seemed a better fit considering core values, competences mission, and specific growth goals.
Furthermore we identified portfolio gaps and we prioritise with the client new additions. This Vacuum cleaner was the first, and is supposed to be the model for the product language. We created a product style guide (CMF: color, material, finishing) and made adjustments in the look and feel of the whole product portfolio. Especial attention  was given the interfaces interfaces; we designed a unified iconography and standardised and correct, where viable, the user interfaces. 
Benchmarking and portfolio analysis
Our analysis not only showed specific niches TROTEC AT HOME could fill, but also showed us how possible ways in which TROTEC could expand its protfolio. Comparing and contrasting we could then define the product language and CMF (color, material, finishing) for "at home," "at, work," and "powertools."
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