D. Costa - Prof. F. Zebner (HfG-OF, advisor), K. Rossnagel (Audi); 
Germany, 2011 (4 months)

My role: 
Concept, Product design, Final Rendering (photoshop + wacom)

The demands of contemporary life allow fewer and fewer to scaping the urban areas to enjoy some freedom in a nice sports car. Also, environmental awareness makes that luxury more extravagant to indulge in.
How can an urban electric vehicle deliver the fun of sport experience?

Solution: in the city, but with some "bossa"
I discovered that by tackling this challenge and the e-car as a layered system, I could not only provide different solutions for access and cooling of batteries but also have an innovative exterior design. Each layer is thought out to attend to functional demands on their edges, but also about the interior architecture design. noun [Portuguese] the instinctive 'extra' to make something more interesting and more attractive.
That's where the "bossa nova" comes from.  

Best team ever!

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