The things exposed here have the sole purpose of showing a bit more of variety in visual design /UI.
Some are studies, many focus on color and layout, all of them are only a little cut off of the process. 
• A concept dashboard for a concept car •
This is merely a first draft of a concept dashboard for a big car brand I did years ago - for this reason, it's not exactly 'pixel perfect,' it was also not meant to be. The main requirement was to make it speak the same language of the  cockpit's concept for the electric car that was presented (which I'm not allowed to show); likewise the two monitors average dimensions were also given. Noteworthy is the constraints of the touch display on the right hand side; the buttons and touch areas should be relatively big.
The exact font and icons, as well as its positioning, was not relevant at the stage in which I participated.
Team: 4 - My role: Initial Visual Concept Design (UI)
• Refreshing Goodreads' UI •
This is a unsolicited re-design proposal for the Goodreads app. On the one hand it reorganizes the information architecture semantically and pragmatically (generating clear flow paths and balancing out the information volume); on the other, this proposal updates the color palette to more vibrant tones and uses sharp corners with slight transparencies, referring to sheets of paper. I experimented first with wireframes in order to define both layout and color scheme before defining the high-fidelity screens.
Team: 1 - My role: Information architecture, color concept, key screens redesign 
• Miscellaneous - Quick drafts •
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