Diplom-Designer | Post-Graduated in International Design | Master in Philosophy

I'm a creative thinker skilled at turning ideas into viable action. I have over ten years of a creative career in Asia, Europe, and South America. Now I'm based in Berlin and continue my artistic and philosophical works.
Philosopher, Artist, Designer? — You got it!
For some, it might seem very different things, but they all deal with how concepts correlate and build the real world. With me, you have not only well-reflected but also aesthetically on-point solutions and holistic consultancy.

What I Bring to the Table:
Analytical Thinking & Strategic Vision
Cross-Cultural Communication
Artistic Excellence
Consultancy with an Ethical Compass

Where I shine:
• Art Direction & Brand Strategic Value Generation •
• Concept & Content strategy •
• Photo Editing & Digital Art •
• Mentoring, Planning, and Leading Creative Workshops •
Areas of Interest: 
Passionate about contributing to social equality campaigns, artistic projects, cultural critique, shaping public policy, conducting research, contributing to educational projects, and publishing.
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